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Spencer County Gifted and Talented Services is ready to being a new school year with your students! There have been a couple of changes this year with our staff. Ms. Brandie Prosch is our resource teacher for Taylorsville Elementary and Spencer County High School. Mrs. Elizabeth Hinton is our resource teacher for Spencer County Elementary and Middle Schools.  We hope to make this year challenging and exciting for our students!

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More information and opportunities for gifted students can be found at this link for The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU.


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G/T Staff Directory

Chuck Abell, District GT Coordinator
502-477-3250 ext. 2126

Carol Herndon, Family Advocate

Elizabeth Hinton, GT Teacher
SCMS 502-477-3260 Mon. & Wed.
SCES 502-477-6950 Tues. & Thurs

Brandie Kinzel,  GT Teacher
TES 502-477-3339 Tues. & Thurs.
SCHS 502-477-3255 Mon. & Wed.





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