Eric L. Cecil (Chief Information Officer)


Statement of my Educational Technology Philosophy,


I believe that our culture has integrated technology so deeply and profoundly that we can no longer teach in a traditional "sit and get" paradigm and still be able to capture the present day student’s attention for learning.  This current traditional paradigm of "sit and get" lecturing must be addressed and transformed. The utilization of technology as a tool in the 21th century classroom is necessary. All Core academic subjects should be presented with 21st century themes such as innovation, information, media, life, career, and technology skills. Technology must be used to differentiate, engage and enhance the learning experience in all subjects for every student, not only in the classroom, but anywhere and anytime learning can take place. Students should use an LMS (Learning Management System) to communicate and collaborate with their teachers to reinforce subject matter. It is imperative to create an efficient and stable infrastructure throughout the district in order to supply access to those technologies to support the needs of all staff, students, business buildings and schools. This includes wired and wireless connectivity to the intranet and internet.


Technology is the pencil and paper of our times. Although it cannot replace the modern teacher, it should replace the teacher that refuses to adjust to the needs of the contemporary student. Teachers must be proficient in the integration and usage of all the technological tools in their classroom. Teaching students how to use technology is not a substitute for using the technology to create a better learning conduit for the student. Only when this total integration between teacher, technology, and student is embraced, can there be a true paradigm shift in the learning process. This in all cases will requires a strong and dedicated leadership.



With technology

A student can hold the world in their hands  



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