Good afternoon everyone!  So good to see the classrooms busy again although I can't wait for the day to see them full!  That said, as we are expecting the possibility of inclement weather tonight and I wanted to inform you of plans in advance.  In order to try to keep some semblance of normalcy this year, we have not addressed the 2020-2021 school calendar due to the many uncertainties we've faced together thus far.  Therefore, I have no intent of changing inclement weather practices of the past.  In the event of inclement weather and no school, there will be no NTI new instruction simply for the sake of "making up" a day even though the capability to do so is present.  Rather, the day will be placed at the end of the year in hopes that we will again have all of our students rather than a percentage in our classrooms at the same time, 5 days a week.  That's not to say students can't access virtual platforms in the event of inclement weather to make up work, and it isn't to say you cannot continue assisting students on virtual platforms.  It simply means no "new learning" is to take place so that we can hopefully capture a fraction of the instructional time lost this year; even if it's at the end of the year.  Thanks for all you continue to do during a time of such uncertainty!

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