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This year we will explore math with the Engage NY program by Eureka.  Each family we newsletters are the beginning of each module (there are six).  Throughout each module, students will learn through teacher instruction, technology programs, and instructional videos.  The modules are as follows:


Module 1:  Place Value and Decimal Fractions

Module 2:  Mulit-digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations

Module 3:  Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Module 4:  Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimal Fractions

Module 5:  Addition and Multiplication with Volume and Area

Module 6:   Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane

  • Module 1

    We will begin Module 1 on 8/13/18.  This unit will last approximately 4 weeks.  Unit test targetted for the week of  9/10.

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